The mechanical cleaning specialist

Distinctive, high quality, professional and unique when it comes to machine cleaning. Those are a few key elements to describe our company.

A short introduction...

Maurits Vetker, son of a poultry farmer, has affinity with the branch and has got a technical background. He studied mechanical engineering. “I am ambitious and I want to perform well. The personal contact and clear communication with the client are of great importance to me. The client has to know what he is getting into and the appointments that are made need to be taken care of.”

Unique and professional cleaning machines for your removable inventory.

"We create the perfect solution for cleaning your inventory.
Satisfied customers are guaranteed!"

Poultry Service offers a complete set of machines for every removable set of inventory. We are capable of cleaning your inventory fast, good and efficient. All settings like temperature, water pressure, the effectiveness of the spray jets and the velocity of circulation are adjustable to guarantee the best outcome. We are passionate and work with great care to ensure that perfect results are achieved. We want to give our clients a unique and satisfying experience.

Grids and removable inventory cleaning

We are a mechanical cleaning specialist with an own identity and distinctive output. A company where machines, clients and their needs always have the highest priority.

  • Grid cleaning
  • Strip cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Inventory cleaning

Machines are removable and can be installed separately from the semi-trailer.

We can make use of the available space in a flexible and comfortable way thanks to the different units that can be replaced by forklift truck. We can place the units wherever you want. The truck combination can easily take up to 60 square meters but the truck can be placed outside of the working area to ensure that there is enough space to work with.


The time where all grids needed to be cleaned manually has passed, because the mechanical cleaning specialist provides the perfect solution! Our unique grid cleaning system is capable of cleaning your grids in only one turn with unrivaled machine capacity. We are “hegemonic” in our branch when it comes to fast circulation, balancing the settings and the complete arsenal of machinery.

Loose inventory

This machine is an absolute beast when it comes to cleaning different sets of your inventory. Laying nest components and t-irons are easily and professionally cleaned by our machines. Not needing to soak and wet your inventory components is a convenient and additional advantage for the client. This machine is revolutionary, amazingly efficient and will save you a lot of time. Are you in for a surprise? You can always contact us.


We have a unique machine that cleans your iron strips with warm water in only one turn! Persistent and tenacious chalk and urinary traces are effectively removed by the mechanical cleaning specialist. See the results for yourself and be prepared to be astonished. The ergonomic working process in combination with the high and the high velocity of circulation will amaze you. Just as the fragment from Charly Chaplin’s classic Modern Times.

Feeding channels

We can guarantee that feeding channels will get rid of those pesky food remains in one turn! We will clean the channels with warm water. The water pressure, temperature and the velocity of circulation are adjustable to get the perfect results. In the end you want to have your feeding channels cleaned properly, right? We will provide that service!

Motor Unit

Our motor unit is the way to go to reach the best outcome possible. With the control panel variables like water pressure, circulation speeds and temperature are managed with ease. The John Deere engine fuels the 3x43ltr/min high pressure pumps (infinitely variable). The reliable, professional and compact size of the motor unit is of great importance to become your most loyal and faithful partner.

Reel Unit

This piece of equipment is indispensable in the arsenal of the mechanical cleaning specialist. It is capable of unwinding water hoses with just one single press on the button. This will save a lot of time and is a huge advantage to clients and operators. All the necessary components and resources are stored in this unit which are in reach when they are needed.

Fuel feed pump

Is your own water supply not able to reach m3/per hour? Poultry service will provide a solution! This centrifugal pump can be installed on an open source on your property. This pump will provide the desirable water yield that is necessary to clean your inventory.

Where passion meets perfection

Let us be your faithful partner with our new and unique machinery. We are ready for future endeavors! Because of our flexible and professional approach we always work towards our goals by providing high quality services. We want to put a smile on our clients’ faces.

"We believe that vacancy is a short term thing. That is why we will ensure fast and high quality services"

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Together we will purge your inventory!


Poultry Service is distinctive, professional, unique and delivers high quality cleaning. We strive for perfection and translate this into professional results and satisfied customers.


Poultry Service strives to be ahead and to be innovative in every form of machine cleaning. The poultry sector is subject to change(s) and we always try to meet their demands. By staying ahead and by being distinctive we want to build relationships with our partners and potential partners. We try to achieve this locally, nationally and across the borders.




We offer a new and distinctive set of machinery for an amazing, time-saving and perfect cleaning experience. Satisfied customers are most important to us. You can call us to clean the removable inventory components of different parts of the components.

If you would like to know more about the mechanical cleaning specialist you can contact us.

We are here to help you.